Dish Mat

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Our Dish Mat is constructed of a triple layer of Norwex Microfibre, foam and mesh. The mesh layer allows air to flow through, while the microfibre and foam layers soak up one-and-a-half times their weight in water. Use the handy loop to hang for drying, then fold in half for easy storage. Neutral latte colour blends with any kitchen décor.  

53cm x 36cm


You’ve got only a few dirty dishes so you really don’t want to run the dishwasher. But after you’ve washed and rinsed them by hand, you need a way to let them air dry quickly and cleanly, without leaving the bench full of wet towels that could harbour bacteria. What to do? A dish rack isn’t the answer - not only does it take up valuable bench space, but its slick, wet surface can become grimy quickly.


Pile dishes high as you save time and eliminate the “wet towel/dish rack” dilemma. Our super-absorbent Dish Mat allows dishes to cleanly and cost-effectively air dry, while you go on to more important things. In addition, the Dish Mat itself dries quickly, which means a cleaner surface for next time.