Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth

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The two-sided cloth is perfect for scrubbing and polishing fruit and veggies. Use the rough side for scrubbing and the smooth side for polishing. This cloth is highly effective for removing dirt, waxes and debris.

32cm x 32cm 


Many growers subject produce to a toxic treatment to protect it from pests and fungal attack. Sometimes produce is also coated with a wax or oily substance to prevent decay and preserve quality and appearance during transportation. But this waxy layer can also have the unwanted effect of trapping undesirable dirt and debris.


Make sure your fresh fruits and vegetables are free of dirt, waxes and debris on their surfaces. Wash them well with plenty of fresh, running water and use the Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth to ensure that they deliver nothing but the good nutrition and taste you and your family deserve.