Magnetic EnviroCloth

Item #: 300104
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What could make the Norwex EnviroCloth™ even better? How about a built-in magnet so you can hang it where you need it— on your refrigerator, oven or any metal surface. The strong magnet holds the cloth in place, and the super-absorbent, BacLock®* microfibre is great dry or wet for cleaning, wiping up spills and so much more.

27cm x 50cm


You rely on your Norwex EnviroCloth™ everywhere, every day - in the kitchen, wiping the little ones’ messes, around the house, and even in the garage or on the patio. It comes in handy for so many situations. The only thing that could make it better is to somehow ensure that it’s always within reach.


The Magnetic EnviroCloth™ has all the great features of our now better-than-ever Norwex antibacterial Microfibre, so you can use it just about anywhere, any time, for any clean up. Best of all, it now has a strong magnet in the corner of the cloth to keep it handy 24/7.